Tim Winfrey

Tim Winfrey is a real estate broker currently located in Carol Stream,IL. He has been working in Real Estate since he was able to drive as a un-licensed assistant. He has been licensed since 2011 and has completed thousands of BPO's during that time-frame. He has worked as the Valuation/Repair specialist for one of the top 100 brokers in the country and has vast experience dealing directly with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, PNC Bank, and more directly and knows how to use their portals inside and out. Aside from selling homes and doing Broker Price Opinions he was the project manager for 23 homes in 2016 alone and 50+ since 2011. He is also a licensed loan originator. Hobbies include:Renovating houses, Market Analysis, and Originating Loans. Tim is a huge fan of all Chicago sports team's (Go Cubs) and an avid reader. He is Married with one child ( and counting).






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